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Forget And Forgive You

I see your picture on Facebook
With the boy you love and i'm like
Forget you and Forgive you too!
I said,if i was famous,richer,hot or whatsoever,
i'd still with you and
although there's pain in my chest
i still wish you the best with a...
Forget you and Forgive you!

I'm sorry, i can't afford an expensive thing for you
but that don't mean i can't get you there.
I guess he's an Xbox 360 and i'm just Playstation 2
but the way you play our game ain't fair you know.

Now,i know,that i had to borrow,beg,steal,lie and cheat
for trying to keep you be mine and trying to please you

Now Darling,Baby,Honey or whatever
why do you wanna hurt me so bad?
I tried to tell my mom but she told me
"Serve your right son"

Uh! why? why? why baby?
oh! i love you and i'm still love you!

P/S :  if you wish for a happy relationship, You must select a partner who loves you because he will still love you even though you hurt him a thousand time 

                                                                          by : 
                                                                   Rudy Ramly