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Bruno Mars Live In KL (April 10, 2011)

Just The Way You Are singer Bruno Mars, is coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 10th of April and he is set to have a concert at Merdeka Hall, PWTC. :D :D :D Bruno fans, aren't you excited? I've been listening to his mixtape songs and loving them :)

Bruno Mars also done a few live performances to cover Michael Jackson's songs and it's pretty good, not everyone can cover MJ's songs. And mind you, it's LIVE. And nowadays you can probably use your fingers to count how many people that can sing live.

Peter Gene Hernandez a.k.a Bruno Mars

I wanna go your concert dude! but my friends told me that your concert ticket already sold out. WATAFAKK! is it true? 

Bruno! I i one of your fan hard die!