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Shooting Star

Pretty, if the sun won't shine, i'll be coming up to meet you and I'll be there to make you mine. 
Honey, if the rain will pour, i'll be knocking at your window I'll be begging you for more. 
It's as if you've come along too soon and I'm trying to fit you in but I can't seem to find the room. 
Cutie, if it all falls through, We can piece it back together and I can learn to trust you too.  
Baby, teach me wrong from right cos in life there are no answers and in life there is no right.
Pretty, if the sun won't shine, now you've come this far to meet me and I know, I know you're mine.
you're just, too good, to lose and I can't refuse, 
So don't make me choose between the two,
 I'm better in here in my atmosphere, 
Don't you know who you are you're my shooting star.

xoxo :
Rudy Ramly