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3 Kinds of Heartbreak

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

There are 3 kinds of heartbreak,

The first is when
someone is reckless with your heart
and it breaks and it shatters in ways
you never thought it could.

The second is when
you break someone's heart
because you'll never know pain
like the type that has you look into their eyes
but they look away.

And the worst kind of heartbreak
is the kind that comes along
when you have to watch the person you love
be happy with someone else
and you still here all alone.

The Typewriter:

That's just who I am

Assalammualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

I'm the type of person that,
everyone leaves and forgets about,
that's just who I am. 

I'm nothing special. 
I'm not a good looking person,
I don't have an amazing personality. 
that's just who I am.

I can't give them any materials, 
or anything that can make them happy.

I'm easily forgettable. 
people find someone new,
people find someone better than me,
that's just who I am.

People come and go,
they leave like nothing happen,
and at the end I'm all alone.
that's just who I am. 
The Typewriter:

Jarak dan waktu

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
kami bukanlah mainanmu,
kami adalah tuanmu,
pengendali sesuka hati mu.

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
entah bila kalian akan fahami,
cinta kami bukan lagi mainan,
yang takut menyusuri lorong yang gelap gelita.

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
sudah berapa cinta yang kalian kandaskan?
sudah berapa nafas yang kalian hentikan?
sudah berapa tangisan yang kalian ciptakan?
hingga terbentuk sungai, menenggelamkan rindu.

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
kami bukan pengasih puas dahaga mu,
yang dipertemukan malam,
lalu dipisahkan fajar.

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
pada angin aku kirimkan rindu,
lalu hujan akan menggemakannya menjadi embun,
di tingkap bilik kekasihku.

Kepada jarak dan waktu,
kami sudah penat menahan,
kami sudah lelah memendam,
malam ini, kami akan melawan.
The Typewriter: